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Governance Management Unit

Functions and Job Descriptions :

  1. Management of Appointments of Chancellor and Pro-Chancellor
  • Manage the process of endorsement from the Board of Directors (BoD) and Ministry of Higher Education (MoHE).
  • Manage data (eChancellor system/BoD).
  • Manage annual incentives after convocation ceremony.
  1. Management of affairs of the BoD
  • Plan, manage and conduct the BoD meetings.
  • Manage endorsement through circulars (BoD resolutions) for matters requiring immediate approval.
  • Manage new appointments/ appointment renewals of members of the BoD.
  • Manage appointments of members of the BoD in the BoD committee.
  • Manage data (eChancellor system/BoD, UMP MyMoHEs, Federal Statutory Body System (SBSys).
  1. Meetings Management 
  • Meetings between the Registrar and Heads of Division at the Registry Department
  • Meetings between the Registrar and Grade N48 Administrative Officers and above (Deputy Registrars/ Senior Deputy Registrars)
  • Meetings between the Registrar and Grades N41 & N44 Administrative Officers
  • Meetings between the Registrar and the Management & Professional Group
  1. Registry Department Strategic Plan
  • Coordinate development of Registry Department Strategic Plan.
  • Coordinate performance report periodically.
  1. Governance Administration
  • Manage the filing of records for Development of Responsibility Centre.
  • Manage and coordinate the announcement of circulars.
  • Update organisation chart of the Registry Department and UMP.
  1. Involvement of Committees at University Level
  • Disaster Operations Committee
  • Audit Autonomy Committee
  • Task Force Governance Committee
  1. Registry Department Risk Management
  • Coordinate risk management at Registry Department
  1. Information Delivery and Record System
  • Develop and manage Registry Department
  • Coordinate the use of e-meeting
  • Coordinate complaints from Registry Department clients (e-rating).
  1. Other miscellaneous job-related duties assigned from time to time.

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