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Administration of UMP Gambang Campus

Functions and Job Descriptions :

  1. Management of Administration and Governance
  • Administration, Organisation and Management Services
  • Mail postage
  • Procurement and management of asset
  • University transportation assistance
  • Fleet card and Touch ‘n Go card assistance
  1. Management of Secretariat and Policy
  • Event Management & Customer Service
  • Secretariat of main meetings
  • Responsible in receiving and processing feedback for complaints at UMP Gambang Campus
  1. Human Resource Management
  • Services and remuneration
  • Staffing and Appointments & Study Leave and Fellowships
  • Training and Competency Development
  1. Academic Management
  • Responsible in assisting endorsement of student documents according to the applications by officers at the Academic Management Division (Gambang Campus).
  • Responsible as a facilitator for AMD related matters at Gambang Campus.
  1. OSHA Management
  • Responsible in assisting OSHMO in managing matters pertaining to staff welfare and safety at UMP Gambang Campus Administration Division.
  1. Other miscellaneous job-related duties assigned from time to time.

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