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Management Service Division

Functions and Job Descriptions :

  1. Staff Benefits Management
  • Plan and manage matters pertaining to staff medical benefits in terms of policy preparation, guidelines, and reimbursement of medical claims comprising treatment received at panel and non-panel clinics, dental and special treatments (e.g., haemodialysis, and heart disease) or any other treatments eligible for staff to claim as approved in accordance with related
  • Manage staff applications for overseas travel (official/ non-official) in accordance with related circulars.
  • Plan, coordinate and manage matters pertaining to UMP staff uniforms
  • Plan, coordinate and manage matters pertaining to non-Malaysian lecturers (expatriates)
  • Plan, coordinate and manage matters pertaining to UMP staff housing matters
  1. Staff Welfare Management
  • Plan, manage, coordinate and conduct matters pertaining to staff funeral rites including funeral expenses management
  • Plan and manage UMP Staff Trust Fund
  • Coordinate and manage subsidised kindergartens fees for (TASKA and TADIKA) for all eligible UMP members of staff and the disbursement of payment to kindergartens (TASKA and TADIKA) which are operating in UMP.
  • Coordinate and manage collection of donations from Responsibility Centres for reported misfortunes or hardships experienced by
  1. Financial Management at the Registry
  • Plan, coordinate and manage the planning of operational and annual budgets.
  • Coordinate and manage asset and inventories.
  • Plan and manage purchasing in accordance with standard procurement principles.
  • Manage reservation of airplane tickets for new members of staff reporting for duty and those on study leave in accordance with their respective applications and stipulated conditions.
  • Plan, coordinate and manage the usage of university transportation including movement control, periodical servicing, maintenance claims including management of fleet cards and Touch ’n Go cards.
  • Coordinate and manage payment claims for fast delivery service (courier) such as Pos Laju and ABX.
  1. Management of Administration Matters at the Registry Department
  • Plan, coordinate, and manage postal and courier services at UMP Mail Centre in terms of preparation of guidelines and implementation procedures for daily operations by scheduling tasks and job scope for Operational
  • Plan, coordinate and manage matters pertaining to record management and university archives in accordance with stipulated guidelines, rules and regulations.
  • Manage complaints about faulty equipment, facilities and office cleanliness and tidiness.
  • Manage matters pertaining to staff Smart Card including preparation, activation and faulty card complaints.
  • Manage staff hierarchy in IMS as directed from time to time.
  • Plan and coordinate matters pertaining to generation and improvement of online systems which involve functions and job scope of divisions.
  • Plan, coordinate and manage university main meetings. These include : Majlis Bersama Jabatan (MBJ) Meetings, University Housing Committee Meetings, UMP Uniform Committee Meetings and UMP Medical Committee Meetings.
  • Plan, coordinate and manage university formal functions as directed from time to time.
  1. Other tasks as directed from time to time.

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