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RECRUITMENT UNIT (Employment & Appointment Services)

The Recruitment unit is responsible for managing positions across the university. In this role, Human Resource Department will create the new positions and hiring staff to fill those positions, reorganizing staff and positions based on current needs.

Recruitment Unit is responsible in Planning, Managing and Coordinating for Employment and Appointments Services as below :

   a) Academic Position (Citizen & Non-Citizenship)

   b) Administation Position (Citizen & Non-Citizenship)

  • Academic Service Scheme :
  • Adjunct Professor
  • Guest Professor
  • Visiting Lecturer (Professor, Assoc. Prof., Senior Lecturer & Lecturer)
  • Consultan Fellow (Principle Consultant Fellow, Senior Consultant Fellow & Consultant Fellow)

   c) Part Time Service Scheme

   d) Professional Service Scheme

  e) Pas/Visa Processing (for foreign staff only)



Services that are provided by Recruitment Unit include:

  1. Review and approve positions
  2. Post vacancies
  3. selection of the best possible candidate in terms of meeting the specific requirements by the University
  4. Assist applicants on the recruitment process
  5. Create and distribute appointment letters
  6. Advise on recruitment and classification best practices
  7. Ensure accurate and complete recruitment and selection guideline and procedures
  8. Reporting Duty processes and Mini Induction for new staff


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