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Staff Facilities

1.Manage UMP's House (Gambang & Pekan)

2.Manage Medical Treatment Application

  • Panel Clinic
  • Non-Panel Clinic
  • Dentistry

3.Manage Overseas Staff Application

4.Manage UMP's Staff Uniforms

5.Manage UMP Children's Expatriate Claims



1.Manage Khairat Kematian For UMP's Staff

2.Manage UMP Staff Welfare Trust Fund

  • Group Disaster Assistance
  • Disaster Assistance
  • Death Assistance
  • Retirement Assistance

3.Manage Subsidies To Childcare Center And Kindergarden For UMP's Staff

4.Generosity Management (Contribution Fund/Tabung Ikhlas)



1.Manage The Staf Hierarchy In Human Resource System (IMS)

2.Manage UMP's Mail/Posts

3.Manage Documents, Files & University Archives

4.Counter Management In The Registry

5.Manage UMP's Staff Smart Card

6.Provide New Staff Hire Kit For New Reporting Staff



1.Manage, Coordinate And Planning Operating Budget In The Department of Registry

2.Plan & Manage The Purchase of Assets & Inventory of The Registry's Department

3.Manage Flight Ticket Reservation For Registry's Staff / Study Leave Staff / Staff  enguruskan Tempahan Tiket Penerbangan untuk Staf Jabatan Pendaftar / Staf Cuti Belajar/Staff Self Reporting (Local & Overseas)

4.Manage Vehicle Registry (Indent Card, Touch & Go, Periodic Service)



1.Coordinate The Registry's 5S Practice

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