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Vision, Mision & Objectives


  • To be the centre of excellence for management and human capital development towards realising the University’s vision. 



  • To lead in managing and developing human capital development by providing excellent services that exceed the needs of clients in line with the rules and policies of the University.



  • To manage pensions, career advancement and employee discipline in accordance with General Orders, Circulars, Circular Letters, and other Government Directives.
  • To plan student enrolment projection in correlation with academic planning and University policies as well as the requirements of examination systems and academic assessment.
  • To organise quality management and continuous productivity programs aiming at creating a high-quality workplace culture among members of staff in accordance with the Malaysian Public Service Improvement Circulars.
  • To ensure that the administration and operations of the University are carried out in accordance with procedures and good governance.
  • To ensure that the University safety and protection policies as well as procedures are well managed systematically, efficiently and effectively.

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