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UMP Managers’ Retreat Program 2017 (MR ’17)

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YH Profesor Dato' Dr. Daing Mohd Nasir Bin Daing Ibrahim, UMP Vice-chancellor with UMP managers.


          The UMP Managers’ Retreat Program 2017 (MR'17) was held from 10th until 12th February 2017 at Resorts World Kijal, Terengganu. The program involved 75 administrative officers (grades 41-54). The 3-day 2-night program gathered all administrators from UMP and was officiated by the Vice-Chancellor, YH Profesor Dato' Dr. Daing Mohd Nasir Ibrahim. It was organized by the Human Resource Development Division of the Registry Department which was also an event that launched the rebranding of UMP Administrators to UMP Managers.


          The main objective of this program was to provide a platform for all UMP Managers (grades 41-54) to work cooperatively in re-evaluating the performance of the UMP Strategic Plan 2011-2015 which was made to ensure the UMP Strategic Plan 2016-2020 could be implemented and achieved. In addition, this program aimed to give the exposure to and focus on enhancing sense of self-competitiveness, managers’ leadership and innovation in managing the university and achieving the goals and objectives of the strategic plan.


          Furthermore, this program enabled the strengthening of team working management as well as good and effective communication skills in order to nurture a harmonious atmosphere in the organization as well as enhance the knowledge and analytical thinking skills amongst UMP managers.  


          A myriad of activities were organised throughout the program. These included 'Management Games and Explorace' which aimed to develop team working spirit within the group, strengthen the bond among managers and give them the opportunity to express their opinions and ideas to improve administrative process and SOP at UMP.


         Besides that, the participants also had the opportunity to attend a Forum entitled, ‘Realiti Pentadbir Masa Kini: Pemikiran Global’. The panellists were YBhg. Dr Hajah Zahrah Binti Mokhtar, former Registrar of Universiti Teknologi Mara (UITM) and YBhg. Puan Norpisah Binti Mat Isa, the Registrar of Universiti Perdana. The forum gave a new dimension for UMP managers to develop creative thinking in their effort to position UMP as a world-class Technological University. 


          The next slot was ‘The COO Address’. In this slot, YBrs. Encik Abdul Hamid Bin Majid, the Registrar of UMP, stressed on the obligation for all UMP managers to enhance and rethink of increasing knowledge, skills, adaptability and resilience to the next level in order to remain relevant in the changing environment at UMP and globally. Finally, UMP managers listened to ‘The CEO Keynotes’ and engaged in the slot was which was presented by YH Professor Dato’ Dr. Daing Mohd Nasir Ibrahim, the Vice-Chancellor of UMP. In this session, the Vice-Chancellor called on the UMP managers to be proactive and to shift from the old paradigm in order to create a new culture of giving priority to innovation and invention as well as empowerment of intellect and professionalism towards achieving the agenda in the UMP Strategic Plan.   


The Managers’ Retreat Program 2017 Memorable Moments.



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